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Review by Berni Serazine :
    ...This a band worth seeing, and a CD worthy of anyone�s collection....

Av club review:,35787/
    Violinist John Holm is an impressive talent and provides a range of stringed intensity, weaving between distorted fiddling, blistering lead riffs, and atmospheric harmonies with ease.


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Wake Magazine Feature Article by Jack Spencer
    Local musicians Marvelle bring violins, live art and innovation to the Twin City's stage
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Ahh, the Bloggers have spoken!

Preview of our show on 2/25/09 @ Triple Rock Social Club, w/ DD/MM/YYYY (Toronto), from City Pages
"...frenetic pop weirdos Marvelle, a spastic electric violin-fronted band who should provide a good warm-up..."

Review of our Show on 11/23/08 @ Varsity Theatre, w/ Dub Trio.
From Wake Magazine "...colorful landscape painting was thrown onto canvas as the haunting sounds of violin and heavy bass riffs churned underneath." Read the full Wake Magazine article here:

Review of our Show on 10/23/08 @ 7th St. Entry, from Cake in 15 "...with songs that sounded as though the bassist may have been reading aloud from The Lord Of The Rings." Read full Rock N Roll Cupcake article here,
 ... and a citypages blog too ...

Review of our Show on 10/23/08 @ 7th St. Entry, from City Pages
"The songs were solid, though full of big, of sad ideas" Read full City Pages article here:

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