+ John Holm - Violin
John Holm has been playing and working in the twin cities since 2000. Classical, Jazz, Rock, Orchestra, Solo, he's done it all (and most of it well). Also is a member of the Legacy Ensemble and the St. Paul Civic Symphony. He also knows how to juggle 3 objects with 2 hands.

+ Derek Schultz - Bass
Also known in some circles as "Winter...", Derek Schultz has been playing Bass and Guitar from a young age. Derek and John have been collaborating for years to write songs for this band, and a previous project known as "Morning for Electra".

+ Linea Maas - Paint
Linnea Maas has been painting with us since 2008, and adds the visual dimension to live performance. An entire painting done in the span of one set (she prefers the longer sets...). This is surely a sight to see.
Linnea also does commission work - visit http://www.linneamaas.com/ for more info.

+ Brian Warden - Drums
Brian Warden is Drummer extrordinare, formerly of Minneapolis band All the Pretty Horses.
Contrary to eye-witness accounts, he only has 2 arms and 2 legs.

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